Dear journalist

As always, different design styles are being explored in the new HENAU collection. The result? A varied collection with nevertheless a clear basic principle: the entwining of craftsmanship and imagination, which is known to be HENAU’s trademark. Lovers of refined details can again, literally and figuratively speaking, keep their eyes peeled. We present some brand new models and some regulars that got revamped. Some were finetuned, others underwent a thorough facelift. This year, we even launch a duo design for the first time. We bet you will have your eye on it too.


Discover a selection of our collection. You can download here our press folder.  Below you can download images and our logo. Don't forget to mention #henau and #eyewearcouture in case of using our pictures and copy. Get to know our points of sales and dealers worldwide.


Your personal contact at HENAU: 
+32 (0)56 22 35 92


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HENAU LogoHenau_def_B.jpg
HENAU HENAU_Hexaforte sun.jpg
HENAU HENAU_Zoot yellow.jpg
HENAU HENAU_Rota and Toga.jpg
HENAU HENAU_Martha sun.jpg
HENAU HENAU_Lunalus sun.jpg
HENAU HENAU_Lunalus sun white.jpg
HENAU HENAU_Hexaforte sun.jpg
HENAU HENAU_Borono.jpg
HENAU yello2_0012.jpg
HENAU M10M_1135.jpg
HENAU M10M_1117.jpg
HENAU M10M_0707.jpg
HENAU M10M_0904.jpg
HENAU M10M_0737.jpg
HENAU lunalusSUN_0014.jpg
HENAU hexaforteSUN_0041.jpg
HENAU 011.jpg
HENAU 007.jpg
HENAU togaSUN_0005.jpg
HENAU silmoanimated.gif